• Optional Camera Match System for Inserts and Carrier Envelope
  • Significantly Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Job Recall for Easy Set-up 
  • Envelope Vacuum Shuttle Feed with Pile Height Sensor  
  • Camera Match/Verification Systems for 100%    Integrity of Mail
  • Adjustable Momentary Detection Check 
  • AND priced L O W E R than comparable  models                                                                                                                        

  •   20” Touchscreen 
  •  Unlimited programmable jobs.    
  •  Scalable up to 48 Insert Stations                              
  •  Sequential Start up &  Shutdown                              
  •  Expanded insert  capacity                                                      
  •  Production Monitoring Center                                                 
  •  Shuttle Feed Vacuum Insert Stations                                    
  •  Eliminates Empty Envelopes                                                     

Barracuda "Intelligent" Inserter

Mailing Equipment, Paper & Card Finishing Equipment Manufacturer.

PROfold, Inc.   10300 99th Way, Sebastian, FL.  32958    772-589-0063

Introducing "THE BARRACUDA" Mail Inserting System. Our patented inserting system provides a scalable system to meet the needs of small mail shops to large service providers.  This revolutionary approach to envelope

inserting removes the need for set up when envelope sizes change and practically eliminates jams. 

The high capacity auto-load feeders reduce operator intervention saving time,money and labor. 

The Barracuda has significantly fewer moving parts and is calculated for serviceability; enabling an extraordinary reduction is cost of ownership, combined with scalability and productivity it generates a RAPID ROI.