Mailing Equipment, Paper & Card Finishing Equipment Manufacturer.

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Since 1982, Profold Inc., has been serving the equipment needs of the mail and card finishing industries throughout the United States. 

While all our equipment is designed to function independently, ALL our equipment is also modular and can be readily integrated into nearly ANY process. 

We understand that every customer's situation is different and each one has unique needs that are specific to their particular application.

This is why we developed a philosophy of working closely with each and every customer to thoroughly understand exactly what they need to accomplish.

At Profold, we strive to ask the right questions to thoroughly understand each customer's unique processing need and then recommend the BEST solution. We call this our “Total Solution Process” and it includes an extensive analysis of the needs of each business, not only now but going into the future. Each system and product we put together for each customer is the result of this extensive total solution process we have undergone with our customers and prospects.