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The Pro-Jet 4 Addressing System is named for its ability to support four (4) types of printing technologies. The four types of printers we are offering are Drop-On-Demand (DOD), Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ), Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ), and Laser Scribing. Providing the customer with these printer options allows them to select the printer and ink that best fit their needs and products.These printers offer a range of print areas, quality, and ink delivery systems. The custom printer selection is very dependant upon the product design, substrate, size of print area, ink type, delivery system (bulk or cartridge) and the desired through-put volume.


  • Print high-quality text, graphics and bar codes
  • Support most bar code symbologies
  • Compact head uses less space
  • No volatile chemicals or strong chemical smells
  • Quick startup times and less down time
  • Saves money - No makeup evaporating away

Pro-Jet 4


Drop On Demand 300 

Hi-Res Inkjet Printer

The Profold DOD 300 printer is an ideal solution for card finishers that need to print higher quality text, graphics or bar codes at high speeds. It's an ideal printer for loyalty and gift cards, printing high quality variable data and barcodes on a high quality card. The DOD 300 is flexible enough to do almost any type of job including gloss paper, matte paper, polypropylene or polyethylene plastic cards.

Drop On Demand

Inkjet Printer


  • DOD, CIJ, TIJ, Laser Printers
  • Nine (9) foot Conveyor
  • 40" x 6" 16,000 Watt IR Dryer 
  • Vision System
  • Tabbers - Labelers 
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • In-Line Folder (QV)

      Features / Benefits

  • Designed to handle both paper and plastic cards
  • Prints cleanly and accurately at up to 30,000 pieces per hour
  • Multiple resolutions: 91, 150, 300, 350 and higher dot per inch
  • Minimal operator intervention/Easy maint.
  • Much faster start ups (five minutes) or less
  • Quick and easy job set ups
  • Consumables cost much less than comparable MEK-based printers
  • Integrates with Profold’s ProStar Controller
  • Compact footprint

Inkjet Printers

      Features / Benefits

  • Designed to handle both paper and plastic cards
  • Easy adjustment for cards from 10 to 30 mils thick
  • Clean and accurate prints, up to 30,000 pieces per hour
  • Resolution 316 x 316 dots per inch
  • Modular concept with software-based stitching to increase the print width in steps of 2.4 inches (i.e. 2 head 4.8 inches, 3 heads 7.2 inches etc.)
  • Fast start-up, 5 minutes or less
  • Quick and easy job set ups
  • Low cost consumables when compared to MEK-based printers​
  • Integrated with Profold's ProStar Controller

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