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Profold's tabletop folders provide big machine performance at tabletop prices. The product line consists of one vacuum feed and one friction feed model. All have bottom feeding top loading design for continuous use.  The Elite 500 folders are easy to operate with the feed and delivery stations are on the same side for operator comfort and convenience and quick setup.


The Super Elite 500 QV has skewable paper side guides, a Profold first, designed to allow skewing of the guides to compensate for variance in the 'squareness' of the paper stack. The QV has a built in vacuum pump reducing overall noise levels by 90% allowing placement where noise is a concern.

TheGator "Ade" Model 4055 is primarily a floor model right angle folder, designed to be used in conjunction with our 4040 folder either at a right angle or in tandem and a host of other Profold models whenever the need for a right angle unit is required.

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Single Sheet Folders

TheGator Model 4040 vacuum fed folder is equipped with Profold's patented "No-Set-Gap-Set" technology, eliminating Gap setting. Our patented Prothane Fast Track grooved fold rollers provide long-life and tight folds. It is equipped with a stacking tray capacity of 750 sheets. The bottom vacuum feeder allows continuous reloading and operation. This eliminates work stoppage for shut downs that occur when reloading a pile feeder.
Adding our optional High Capacity Feeder can double your stacking capability.*
We have eliminated the need for a register table by feeding directly into the first parallel fold section.

This reduces floor space requirements by one-third.